One week of the New Year down. Wow.

I see these posts on blogs everywhere! They are my absolute favourite, partially because I am very very nosy and partially because I enjoy a good dose of Instagram! I think I shall attempt to do these weekly on a Friday/Saturday, given if my week has been interesting enough to photograph (I can tell you now, prepare yourself for a lot of pictures of my dog! It’s ok, he’s cute :)).

I had my first Lush bath of 2012 using some things I received for Christmas! Lush isn’t available where I live, so I usually use my things sparingly… But this week I went mental. It felt good to have a soak and just relax after the craziness of the past 3-4 weeks.. I also dropped my book in there because I was so relaxed I fell asleep… Oops!

The weather here in Ireland has been mental this week, winds of 120km+ battering the country, including my poor little tree opposite from my house!! RIP tree. (P.s. I do not actually live in a prison, those bars are to stop bold boys lashing stones at our houses!)

And finally…. *drumroll* I bought a kindle!!!! I had Christmas vouchers/money burning a hole in my pocket and I hate wasting them on useless things, so one thing led to another and now I am that little one’s proud owner! I was a bit skeptical at first about it, but I couldn’t have been more wrong, it’s bloody brilliant! I’ve just started “The Hunger Games.” – late to this party too, I know – and I am so far loving it!

Eep so not a bad week! What should i download next… Any suggestions? Do you like these type of posts?


I always leave my resolutions for next week. If I plan to eat better, I do it after the week jam-packed full of family birthdays. Is that such a crime? 🙂

But I figured that if I were to write them down, I would have a clear idea where to begin next week! Mind you, I do think that sometimes resolutions are a bit far fetched and seem pointless to keep up, so I have tried to pick ones that suit me and I will keep.

I will put my head down and start studying hardcore for this Leaving Cert. I know now what I want to do and I will do it. To achieve this one, I must: Be organised in school (bring books, take notes, highlight things), Go to study (I can’t manage at home, as much as I tell myself I can.. I can’t..), Work hard at it.

I will drink more water and eat more fruit. Seems simple enough. But for me it’s about finding the fruit(s) I like the most and eating them. At the moment I have a habit of seeing the fruit and saving it for when I’m in the mood. Then it goes bad. To achieve this I must: Eat the fruit, drink the water!

I will read more, but I will not neglect study. Over the Christmas I received 5 books. I’ve now finished each of them and I’m gagging for more! However, when I get lost in a book, I have to finish it there and then. So I shall take my time. (Sidenote, I’m considering getting a kindle tomorrow… How do we feel about this??) To achieve this I must: Read before bed as a method of relaxation. I must not get carried away and stay up all night doing so!

So that’s it! I mean, of course I’d like to work off a bit of the weight I put on over Christmas (mountains of chocolate and pringles, I’m looking at you!), but I’ll start with these and hopefully it will all fall into place! Oh and I’ve really enjoyed blogging as of late, so hopefully I will be able to maintain some sort of steady stream of things to write about and blog a little more!

Tell me what your resolutions are please, so I can steal them if I like them 🙂

2011 was one of the best years of my life. 6 months was spent with some of the best people I’ve ever met. We rehearsed and practiced and stretched and practiced some more until it led us to All Ireland victory in Tops of the Town.

I neglected school, but still managed to do well in my regular exams. Third in the year. Please and thank you.

I went on holiday with my mom and dad (like the cool kids we are), had cocktails, sun and a buzz lightyear cake for my birthday 🙂

OXEGEN. BEYONCE. Having a fight with the moshers who were shouting “F&@K BEYONCE!!!” My first time ever wearing wellies (it was not nice), the rain stopping as she came on stage. Then seeing the legend if Christy Moore walk out and sing with Coldplay.

Then came the Debs (or my Prom or whatever you like to call it). Which involved the dress, the makeup (and the fight I had with the makeup lady) and of course, my knight in shining armour – who stepped in when I was abandoned by my original partner. Fantastic night. Not life changing, but fantastic all the same.

Then came our Victory Ball from Tops. Which the majority of people flew solo to, myself included. This was one of the best nights of my life and surpasses the Debs completely! 🙂

Other highs and lows included: Big big fights, parties, early beginnings of something special, the night I first attempted to drive (and realised how terrifying it was), bust ups, nights out, days out, people leaving and OCCASIONALLY really enjoying school.

There I was. Casually sipping on tea and lashing some jam onto my scone. My mom, nana and I all having an early morning treat in our favourite hotel. That’s when I heard the shrill voice of the elderly woman sat just behind me.

She was cackling away at her own story, slagging off some other woman she knew to her friend.

“Yes! I know! But there’s more!” She announced, not just to her friend, but to anyone in earshot, she was practically shouting it. “She [the woman they were bitching about] has a son and a daughter… Here’s the best bit… HE has a BOYFRIEND and SHE has a GIRLFRIEND…. Really, I think it’s disgusting!” This vicious little woman was basically saying, here’s another reason to hate our friend – her children are gay! Trololololol.

She’s done now. That’s what you’re thinking, isn’t it? No. The Wicked Witch Woman began to name and shame the people involved, doing so at the top of her lungs. The whole restaurant area were now squirming uncomfortably in their chairs. It was like something from a movie.

At this point, I was almost about to pick up this small Wicked Witch Woman and shake her.

“Excuse me.” I interrupted, turning to face the Wicked Witch Woman. “Can I borrow this sugar?” (we actually did need sugar but this is besides the point..) She responded with a grunt, I had interrupted her mid-sentence and she was not amused. “Actually, did you say *insert girl’s name here* just now? It’s just she is my cousin and we would appreciate you not announcing her business to the world.”

I looked back to my mother, I was shaking. Something had come over me and I just went for it… There’s my future actress, bursting out of me! My mother and grandmother were too in shock, yet we all had a sneaky smile on her face when the Wicked Witch shut up!

That girl is not my cousin. The Wicked Witch never asked for the sugar back. Deep down, the more I thought about it, the sorrier I felt for that woman. The fact she was so narrow-minded and moulded this way wasn’t completely her fault. She was spoon- fed that absolute crap. What’s worse is she believes she’s right, and that these “gays” will rot in hell…

I never thought I’d say it, but I’m kind of happy at the fact that I had a fight with an old lady….

Santa came. With my presents, he gave me a yocky flu. I’m too sick to write about it but I wanted to put this up soooon.

I was one of those idiots who queued for the sales… But that’s another story for another day. Instead enjoy a brief insight of my Christmas/look at my face 🙂










I apologise for the rotten iPhone quality pictures… But I think you can just about make out that I went mad and ombre’d my messy little barnet!

It looks so different in all of the different lights (my house is crazy..), but I really do LOVE IT. I didn’t want my hair to be completely blonde with a rotten contrast to my natural hair on top.

Instead I went for a more toned down shade. I describe it as “not quite caramel but not quite blonde..” – As you can see, I am quite the artist with my descriptions!

Do you think ombre is over? I know that (practically) every single person in the beauty/fashion ~blogosphere~ went crazy for it over the past 18 months, then it dyed down (oh look at me go with my puns!)…

To be honest, I’m so in love with it, I couldn’t care less 🙂
















The family (just us girls) day out in Cork. It is without a doubt the best day of the year! I may have gotten carried away with all the pictures, sorry 🙂

We bought lots, ate lots (forgot to take a picture of my dinner, it was lasagne!), laughed lots and froze our little bottoms of in the lovely city of Cork 🙂

I feel ever so festive now! There was even a blizzard today.. Well a lot of hailstones and wind. Twas a storm I tell you!

I had planned to take a picture of what I bought, but I’m too exhausted from our early 7am start(!).

Please tell me about your Christmas traditions/purchases, I need a distraction from revision 🙂